Sunday, June 26, 2011

Off My Shelf

Wilshire Books in Santa Monica, CA  (now closed)

Many of the art, nature and animal books on my bookshelves are from Wilshire Books, my favorite used book store.  Sadly, it closed in 2008 and I sure do miss it.  I haven't found another to replace it, and to be honest I haven't looked because my shelves are already overflowing.

The book I pulled off my shelf today is a favorite from Wilshire Books and is called All My Patients are Under the Bed - Memoirs of a Cat Doctor.  It was written by Dr. Louis Camuti, a veterinarian in New York City who made house calls.  His love and respect for his furry patients shine through on every page as he charmingly recounts his most memorable visits. 

Although this book doesn't contain illustrations, he does mention art in his epilogue.  He says "It's not that cats care less about the people who love them;  they just care differently.  You can ask for love from a dog and you'll get it.  Wise cat owners know to give love, and to recognize its return in little ways.  Or put it this way:  With dogs and people it's love in big splashy colors.  When you're involved with a cat you're dealing in pastels.  I like that about cats."

Dr. Camuti passed away one year after this book was published in 1980.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

La Jolla Canyon

The sage was in full bloom out at La Jolla Canyon last weekend, and was up to five feet tall in places!

Even though the sun stayed behind the clouds all day it was quite hot, and we welcomed the light drizzle of rain on the way back to the trailhead.